How to cope with the heat? Buteyko Method Techniques

The main issue associated with overheating is that it triggers hyperventilation (over-breathing). If you breathe through the mouth or heavily through the nose, these health conditions and possibly others can worsen. To prevent this, avoid mouth-breathing and try to breathe silently through your nose.

Heat escapes through the skin, which is the largest organ in the body. Help your skin get rid of heat excess by doing the following:
– Wear loose, light clothing made of natural, breathable fabric.
– When away from direct sunlight, wear clothes minimally. To protect yourself from excessive sun exposure, wear wide hats instead of using sun block.
– Swim in natural lakes, rivers, and other natural water reservoirs.
– Start a day by taking a cold shower; if needed, do this several times daily.
– Do Sasha’s facial as often as needed.
Learn how to turn extreme temperatures (hot and cold) into your allies.

Prioritize water-filled foods – cucumbers, other raw vegetables, or fruits such as watermelon or grapes. Of course, it is preferable to eat organic.

Drink plenty of water. Add ice and a pinch of unrefined salt to your water, turning it into ice Buteyko tea. This will help you to stay hydrated.

Night time:
– Sleep with mouth tape to prevent heavy mouth breathing and snoring.
– During the daytime, keep the curtains or blinds shut down to keep the room cool.
– Use natural, breathable bedding made from bamboo, silk, or cotton.
– Sleeping naked helps to keep a body temperature on the low side.

Physical activity:
– Exercise outdoors early in the morning when the temperature is not hot.
– Exercise in an air-conditioned gym
– Don’t quit exercising because it is hot. Keep building your CO2!

And remember: the higher your Control or Positive Maximum Pause is, the less affected you will be by hot or/and humid weather. Learn about CO2 levels in the lungs supportive of optimal health.

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