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Welcome to the Buteyko Breathing Center! Everyone deserves to breathe peacefully and be healthy. The Buteyko Method helps achieve this goal; it is known for its power to end ailments and create optimal health. We are here to assist you in learning and applying breathing techniques and vitality-boosting lifestyle.

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Sasha Yakovleva, MA

Co-founder of the Buteyko
Breathing Center

Sasha is an expert in the Buteyko Breathing Method and Russian Healing Arts. She is the most highly educated Buteyko practitioner in the English-speaking world. Originally from Russia, she was trained in the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow. Sasha is one of the very few people who received the original Buteyko method in its complete form and is fully authorized to teach it. In 2009, together with her husband T. Fredricksen, she founded the Buteyko Breathing Center. Since then, she has taught the Buteyko Method and breathing exercises to thousands of people around the globe, bringing them renewed health, energy, and joy. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, television and radio programs, and other media.

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Sasha's Buteyko Lineage

The Originator of the Buteyko Breathing Method

K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD

The Master Teacher of the Buteyko Method

L.D. Novozhilova-Buteyko

Russian Patent Holder of the Buteyko Breathing Method

A.E. Novozhilov MD


Do I Over-breathe?

Your breathing patterns are the result of your lifestyle. Most of us spend hours sitting indoors in front of electronic devices when our ancestors spent most of their time outside being physically active. When the lifestyle becomes unnatural, breathing patterns become unhealthy, encouraging excessive air intake. Most modern people over-breathe to various degrees because they don’t live as our ancestors did.

According to Dr. Buteyko, over-breathing or hyperventilation represents a major risk factor for many health problems. To restore the body’s natural balance, wholesome respiration restored via the Buteyko method is a must. It should result in the normal level of CO2 concentration in the lungs (also known as prana, the breath of life, our vital energy, etc.)

So, how to start your Buteyko journey to better breathing and health?

Let Dr. Buteyko evaluate your health. Take our Breathing Test and receive your free Buteyko breathing evaluation report. Then, start learning Buteyko Breathing techniques to achieve optimal health.

Do I Over-breathe

How to learn and apply this Breathing Technique successfully

What is The Buteyko Breathing Method?


Written by: Sasha Yakovleva

It all starts with peaceful breathing

What is the Buteyko Method? Is it a technique to pinch your nose and stop breathing? Is it a holistic treatment for asthma and other breathing difficulties? Is it a miraculous cure-all disregarded by most conventional doctors? Does this breathing Method help one become healthier? Can it make me a super-human? Is it a specific lifestyle? Is it a spiritual path? Is it a way to accelerate my personal development and evolution?

My answer to all these questions is: …


Buteyko Breathing Center Clients Share Their Stories:


Paul Hixson

I am a 70 year old man, and I'm happy to report that due to learning and applying the principles of the Buteyko breathing method as taught to me by the great staff of Breathing Center, I am currently enjoying excellent health. But that definitely was not always the case...

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Svetlana Ivanova

I discovered Buteyko out of desperation. There was nothing left for me to try to manage my severe sinusitis. Sinusitis does not sound like a serious problem, but it was in my case. I developed a seriously stubborn sinus infection that did not go away even when…

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Ram Dass

People often think that oxygen plays the primary role in the process of breathing but Dr. Buteyko dispelled this archaic belief. He proved that this role belongs to carbon dioxide, which regulates how much oxygen is delivered to various organs.

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