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Do You Fear Spring?

Blooming tress, growing grass, and fragrant flowers often cause sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and terrible headaches. Though beautiful, this rebirth of life is a  serious source of fear and anxiety for many. Unfortunately, allergies are so common that they seem normal. 
Allergies are not normal! Just because something becomes expected and part of everyday routine does not mean it is normal. From Dr. Buteyko's perspective, allergies are a serious health issue indicating the dysfunction of the immune system. If they are not stopped by Breathing Normalization, he believed allergies could lead to cancer.

All people suffering from allergies have one thing in common - over-breathing. When they reduce their breathing, allergies disappear. So how do we stop the fear? We must first understand some body basics.  This article about our nose's function is a good place to start. Need more instant gratification?  Check out this short post about how to unblock your nose. All allergy sufferers need to have this easy and quick technique in their back pocket.Are you determined to stop your allergies to pollen, food, pets, etc? Please read a description of our Level 1 Breathing Normalization Full Training and consider taking it. This individual or family program is available all over the world via Skype. 

Trump: His Breathing And Our Breathing

breathing problems and stressbreathing problems triggered by stress

Did you notice Donald Trump’s breathing during his inauguration speech? I need to admit that when I watched his speech on TV, I did not pay attention to his breathing. Then one of my students told me that surprisingly Mr. Trump was breathing through his nose while delivering his speech. Not an easy skill for someone who does not practice Breathing Normalization!


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Simple Breathing Exercise to Feel Better

This breathing exercise helps to feel calmer, better and more energetic right away. It it very simple, fun and suitable for adults and kids. It is completely safe; no side effects. This exercise helps with stress, anxiety, panic attacks, hyperventilation attacks, asthma, etc. It increases overall oxygenation and the level of CO2. Try it! It takes about a minute!

By Sasha Yakovleva, co-founder of

For Health/Wellness Practitioners: Our New Certification

Buteyko Certification for Health ProfessionalsFollowing many requests we received from dentists, masseuses, personal trainers, physical therapists, psychologists, yoga instructors and other types of health and wellness professionals, we created a new type of Buteyko Breathing Normalization training. Now, various health practitioners are eligible to take our Special Certification course. After completion of this program, the participant will receive certification as a Breathing Normalization Instructor. This certification allows one to integrate the Breathing Normalization method into their primary health/wellness/fitness modality but it does not permit to use the Breathing Normalization method as vocation (for which the certification of a Breathing Normalization Specialist is required).

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Lung Cancer Prevention

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Below you will see a useful infographic reminding us about a conventional view regarding main causes of lung cancer. This helps to understand better how to prevent this disease.

 From the perspective of Dr. Buteyko’s work, one of the main causes of lung cancer as well as cancer in general, is excessive breathing or hyperventilation, especially mouth breathing. This trigger is normally not mentioned in traditional medical lists. In his Theory of The Method, Dr. Buteyko explains how excessive air consumption forms oxygen starvation and other health deficiencies weakening the immune system and creating a supportive environment for various diseases, including cancer. Dr. Buteyko and his team of doctors and scientists determined that by doing breathing exercises and following a lifestyle supportive of gentle nasal breathing, a person should be able to improve the function of his respiratory system, strengthen his overall health and greatly increase chances of the prevention of lung cancer.

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Breathing During Sleep For Children

improve breathing of a child during sleepSince children are asleep for about one-third of each day, it is critical to address breathing issues during sleep. Nighttime breathing is usually even more excessive than daytime breathing. In addition, since we cannot consciously control over-breathing during sleep, sleeping encourages over-breathing.

Many children with asthma, enlarged adenoids and other breathing problems sleep with their mouth open. Their respiration is loud and often accompanied by wheezing. They snore and often stop breathing for a while, eventually developing sleep apnea. They often wake up with a stuffy nose or throat and often start coughing right away. All these conditions are caused by over-breathing and can be stopped by light nasal breathing.

As with daytime practice, the goals of nighttime Breathing Normalization training are:
1. Establishing continuous nasal breathing
2. Reducing air consumption and air exchange.

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Protect Yourself And Others

Breathing Normalization protects you in a crowdWe are surrounded by people. We go to a shopping mall and expose ourselves to germs carried by others. At school, children exchange their air-borne viruses. After a relaxing night in a restaurant you could end up with pneumonia, just because a waitress sneezed. Overcrowded events such as presidential debates or football matches might not represent the danger of a bomb explosion but definitely represent the danger of catching a deadly infection.

This goes both ways. What about your impact on others? When you have flu, for example, do you lock yourself at home to protect others from your virus? The majority has no choice but to keep up with their lives by suppressing their symptoms. Let’s imagine the day of a woman who wakes up not feeling well; she has influenza. First, she takes medication to make herself functional; then, she has coffee with her husband; drives her toddler to kindergarten; stops at the post office and goes to work. She works as a receptionist in a hotel. People. People. People. They surround us. Even if you are a very responsible person, there is no simple way to protect others from your air-borne germs.

Except one! An ancient one! A basic one! And the natural one! You just need to start breathing through your nose instead of your mouth. You must maintain gentle nasal breathing 100% of the time; no exceptions.

Why will breathing through the nose protect you and others? 

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Hillary has Pneumonia but Breathing Normalization can help!

Hilary Clinton breathes through her mouthHillary Clinton stumbled badly as she abruptly left a 9/11 ceremony this weekend causing continued concern about her health. Her doctor eventually released a statement that she'd been diagnosed with pneumonia on Friday.

At the Breathing Center we often work with people who has pneumonia or have a tendency to catch colds frequently. From the perspective of Dr. Buteyko’s approach, pneumonia is triggered by excessive breathing and could be stopped and prevented by the reduction of one’s breathing.

It is very difficult (unless you have been properly trained) to give public speeches and maintain gentle nasal breathing throughout the speech. If a person cannot do it, the speech will be accompanied with mouth breathing and therefore creating hyperventilation. This will lower the level of CO2 in the alveoli of the lungs creating respiratory trouble, which easily can turn into pneumonia. On top of it, the loss of CO2 can create fatigue and trigger other health issues.

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Salt: White Gold or White Death?

Salt, Breathing and HealthIn 2008, when Thomas and I were packing for our first visit to Clinica Buteyko in Moscow, I started thinking about a present for Ludmila Buteyko. Offering a little present as a symbol of goodwill is a part of the Russian culture; nevertheless, I had never met Ludmila and had no clue what she was fond of.

In a local health food store, I spotted a pretty container of Himalayan salt, which was still a novelty in the US. Thomas and I tried this salt and enjoyed its delightful taste. Still doubting my choice, I grabbed the container.

During our first day at Clinica Buteyko, I presented it to our mentor. Ludmila looked at this vessel of crumbly pink powder and raised her eyebrows.

"What's this?"

My voice faltered. "Salt... ancient, pure and rich of minerals.

Ludmila looked straight into my eyes. She did not speak, but her expression indicated that she placed some significance on my gift—as if I had accidently mentioned a secret code which opened a door to Shangri-La.

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Breathe To Heal: Break Free From Asthma


This new book is now available for pre-orders on and It will be released on September 15, 2016. If you order it NOW, in addition to this book you will receive a free CD Breathing Normalization Meditations. Just email us a receipt for your purchase and we will send you this CD or its download.

What is so special about this book?

  • Texts written by K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD are published for a first time in history!
  • The book contains interviews with A. E. Novozhilov MD and I. J. Packman MD helping to understand why and how Buteyko Breathing Normalization works.
  • A famous article by Jane E. Brody (The New York Times) about the Breathing Center is included!
  • This book is an illustrated guide. The drawings make various aspects of the Method far easier to apply.
  • The book contains a unique collection of breathing exercises and lifestyle recommendations not only for adults but children as well.
  • This book was composed by Sasha Yakovleva, co-founder of and an Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist. She helped thousands of people to improve their breathing.
  • The book was partially written by Breathing Center's actual students of the Breathing Center who have gone from suffocation and fear to a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • This publication is destined to become "Gold Standard" Book for all students and teachers alike who apply Dr. Buteyko's revolutionary approach to breathing and health improvement.
  • This is the only book in English, which is endorsed by Clinica Buteyko in Moscow and recommended to everyone who wish to improve their breathing and overall wellbeing – whether you have asthma or not!

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Deep In Snow In The Middle Of Summer

T 1This is a picture of Thomas Fredricksen, Advanced Breathing Normalization Specialist and co-founder of Breathing A few days ago he hiked at 12,000 feet elevation in Rocky Mountain National Park. Some mountain slopes were covered by snow fields, which looked deceivingly shallow but in some areas were four to five feet deep. Unexpectedly, his foot slipped into the deep snow and became trapped there. It took him about ten minutes to climb out of the snow and to continue on his four hour hike. No big deal!

But if you or someone you love suffers as Thomas did; you know it is a very big deal! Eight years ago Thomas was a prisoner of his asthma and was hardly able to leave an air-conditioned room with an air-purifier, even at sea level.

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Buteyko Breathing Exercises And Method

This CD has been available on only for 10 days but already became a bestseller. It contains audio instructions to improve breathing and become healthier and happier, of course. Amazing! This is very helpful for anyone (adults or children) who wish to have perfectly healthy breathing patterns. This item on Amazon. 

Bu CD Cover-max-250x250Learn Buteyko: Simple and Inexpensive CD or Download for everyone.

The Secret Between Ludmila Buteyko And Thomas Fredricksen That No One Knows Until Today

Ludmila Buteyko, Thomas Fredricksen and Andrey Novozhilov MDLudmila Buteyko, Thomas Fredricksen and Andrey Novozhilov MDFor the rest of my life I will remember all the conversations I had with Ludmila Buteyko, Dr. Konstantin Buteyko's wife - from the first morning we met at Clinica Buteyko in Moscow, to the times we shared in the Ukraine in her seashore house, until the day when her son, Dr. Novozhilov, wrote to me that she had passed away. The many years that Ludmila spent at Konstantin's side as he lectured, taught and healed thousands of people afforded her an experience, which developed her skills to equal Dr. Buteyko's. The wisdom she imparted remains the most profound knowledge related to Health Improvement and Disease Prevention, I believe, known to mankind.

There was a lot to learn from Ludmila! All my life I have been teaching people to become healthier and yet, it seemed, that there was nothing I could teach her. Except one thing! Except one exercise! I have shared this secret only with a handful of my students and never to a large audience. I will pass this knowledge to you today with the promise that it will help you become healthier.

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A Care Package For My Asthma

This week, I received this letter from a Breathing Center's client who just signed up for our Full Training, Level 1 Breathing Normalization program. I decided to share it with you. It is not a testimonial but simply a cute letter.  

Dear Sasha,
I want to thank you for the tool box. Even though we pay for these things, I have to tell you that when I opened it I was first happy for 1 minute and then burst into tears for 5 . This means so much to me. A CARE PACKAGE FOR MY ASHMA................. which I have for 57 years. For the first time in my life someone gets it and sends me what is vital to me - tools for better BREATHING. All the little details in the box mean something.
 It helps that I did mindfullness meditation before (I love the soft brown belt) I use to have one and lost it a while back. The chanting is good I hope to get into it when my back is stronger; I can listen to it lying down I guess for now.
 That evening we put on the tape and saw you explaining the first part. Watching your eyes go up was also a strong image that stayed with me so I tried it and it helps a lot. Thank you for all your efforts and commitment to help me as an old ashmatic and all of us suffering from this and other things. YOu are giving me more hope than before and I have tried so so many things........ YOu are healing angels  through all of these tools. I hope this will be a good one for me now. 

The Buteyko Method: Will it Really Cure My Asthma?

Will The Buteyko® Method Really Cure My Asthma?

One of the most common questions we receive here at the Breathing Center is just how effective the Buteyko® Method is, and if it actually works. Apart from the numerous testimonials from our happy and healthier clients, this form of retraining your breathing has been proven effective in research studies.

Before we delve into the proof behind our health claims, it is important to understand exactly what it is that we do here and how we can help you live a healthier and longer life.

Breathing Normalization: What Is It?

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Buteyko Breathing Treatment Method Will Improve Your Health

How the Buteyko Breathing Treatment Method Will Improve Your Health

In today's society, a growing number of individuals are becoming increasingly wary of using prescription medications and pharmaceutical drugs to treat what ails them. From drug dependency and negative side effects to the astronomical cost of purchasing these medicines, there are a lot of drawbacks that come with using prescription medications.

More individuals than ever are now coming to the Breathing Center to learn about our breathing treatment known as the Buteyko® Method. This alternative and holistic treatment has been able to help a number of our clients resolve a variety of health issues safely, naturally and effectively.

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Mouth Breathing: Poor Prince George

Danger of Mouth Breathing: Prince GeorgePrince George is certainly not poor but his health is. Look at his recent pictures in People Magazine and online. You will see that the Prince is constantly breathing through his mouth. More than that, his mouth is already shaped to accommodate excessive breathing. What does this mean?

K.P. Buteyko, MD, stated that any child who breathes through his or her mouth is severely ill regardless of whether he or she displays symptoms of disease. Why is that?

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