Buteyko BreathMastery Community in 2023

Time flies fast… The Buteyko Breathmastery & International Community program is one year old now. I hope next year, the program will become stronger, wiser, and even more capable of providing ongoing support to its members.

During this first year of the program, we discussed and worked on the following C02-boosting topics/techniques:

1. Beginner’s mind or the art of creative living.

2. The Eating pause (fasting)

3. My super-tool or the breathwork that works for me.

4. I am strong, or Buteyko in Motion.

5. Meditation, Samadhi, and Non-duality in relation to CO2.

6. Nature Bathing: How do I connect with the elements?

7. Technology Fasting and Mitigation

8. Walk the Talk, or the most natural CO2 booster.

9. Emotional Cleansing

10. Physical Cleansing

11. Buteyko and Spirituality.

Besides these lifestyle meetings, we had twelve meetings dedicated to our Buteyko practice. Among them were “How are you doing?” gatherings where we learned from the successes and setbacks of our community members, hot seats and rewiring seats, Q&A sections, and intense sessions of breathing exercises.

Speaking about breathing exercises… We practiced new breathing exercises during every meeting. I believe it helped the members to select the most beneficial exercises for their situation and encouraged them to create brand-new Buteyko breathing techniques.

Now, the doors of the BreathMastery program are open to new members who are looking forward to improving their breathing in health in 2024!

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