Relax to Breathe Better

Why is relaxation essential for healthy breathing?

We need to be relaxed to be able to feel and reduce our breathing. For example, coughing or having trouble breathing can create enormous tension in the torso and neck. Once we find a way to reduce and eliminate that tension, we can cultivate breathing awareness and create a state of relaxation which in turn helps us to normalize our breathing.

What are the two types of breathing exercises that can quickly increase Positive Maximum Pause?

  1. Physical activity – fast walking or jogging with Breath Holds
  2. Relaxation – breathing reduction as a result of relaxation

Which breathing exercise is the only one out of the whole range of Buteyko breathing exercises that does not create any air hunger?

Relaxation is the only exercise within the whole range of breathing exercises of the Buteyko Method, which doesn’t create any air hunger. During relaxation, we do not modify our breathing. We simply observe our breathing, allowing ourselves to focus on relaxation only.

These Questions and Answers are extracted from the Certification program guidelines.

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