Deep Relaxation Buteyko Breathing Retreat in Colorado

Join us for an exclusive interview with Sasha Yakovleva at the hot spring resort in Colorado, the stunning setting for the upcoming Joyful Journey to Health Buteyko retreat in February 2024. Discover the power of relaxation as a natural method to enhance breathing and elevate CO2 levels. Dr. Buteyko’s teachings underscore the vital role of relaxation for individuals who struggle with over-breathing or have low CO2 levels.

Uncover how hyperventilation or chronic over-breathing contribute to stress – often without us realizing it. Through deep relaxation, you can cultivate a better life quality indicated by normalized CO2 levels and freedom from hyperventilation. Experience a transformative journey towards a stress-free state, optimal health and well-being at this unique Buteyko retreat.

More information about retreats led by Sasha. 

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