The most radical part of Dr. Buteyko’s work

Watch this video where Sasha Yakovleva attempts to explain Dr. Buteyko’s work regarding spirituality. This topic was discussed during the Buteyko BreathMastery & International Community meeting.

Do you know that according to Dr. Buteyko, every authentic spiritual tradition is a precious collection of CO2-boosting techniques? Among them are bowing, chanting, praying, meditating, prostrating, serving others or doing karma yoga, etc. These techniques increase our vital energy and accelerate our personal and collective evolution unless a modern obstacle is present. This setback is over-breathing, especially chronic mouth-breathing, which hinders progress toward improving one’s well-being. Dr. Buteyko stated that it can also trigger a large number of diseases.

Both, a CO-2-boosting lifestyle and normalization of breathing are needed to move up on Dr. Buteyko’s chart of health zones and stabilize this improvement. When this happens, most people experience harmonization of their inner world (what we call “health”) and their outer world, which often includes relationships, work, and even a social and political situation. Achieving a CO-2 norm acts as angel’s wings around the whole mandala of a person’s life, making it more peaceful and healthier. According to Dr. Buteyko, this works for individuals and societies; he believed health and peace are unattainable without healthy and peaceful breathing.

CO2 is a molecule of evolution, which our sick world needs as a life-saving medicine. Dr. Buteyko’s approach helps us turn traditional spirituality into a modern, scientifically proven, effective remedy.


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