Invisible, Normal, Healthy. What Kind Of Breathing Is It?

Lao Tzu, an ancient Chinese philosopher noticed, A perfect man breathes as if he is not breathing. What does this mean and how does it correspond with the work of a famous Russian physiologist Dr. Buteyko?

K.P. Buteyko, MD-PhD, determined that healthy breathing is always invisible and completely quiet. It is also 100% nasal breathing (no exceptions for talking, exercising, sleeping, etc.)

Most people are not able to breathe this way and as a result of it, they experience various health challenges. As a result of it? Yes! While conventional doctors believe that unhealthy breathing is the outcome of a disease, Dr. Buteyko determined that in many cases it could be the single cause of a disease. There is no health without healthy breathing!

Read More and Watch a video to learn how to breathe healthy:

At the Buteyko Breathing Center, we teach people how to imitate healthy breathing. By gradually improving their breath control, they are also able to improve their health and become what Lao Tzu called a perfect man. Or a woman! Or a child!

Watch this video to understand the basic principles of invisible, normal, and healthy breathing.

Listen to this audio recording to train yourself or your child to breathe in a healthy, invisible way. This set of guided meditations helps to control breathing creating relaxation at the same time. Very useful for anyone but especially people suffering from anxiety, panic, hyperventilation, and asthma attacks!

breathing normalization meditations large
Breathing Normalization Meditations CD created by Sasha Yakovleva for anyone who hyperventilates

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