The Most Significant Occupation On This Planet

What is the most significant occupation on this planet? Dr. Buteyko‘s answer was: being a mother. He believed that a role of a mother was more important than any role of a movie star, a politician, or a CEO. The way to improve the health of future generations, he stated, was through acknowledging the significance of this vocation and honoring mothers’ contribution to society.

A few people know that Dr. Buteyko graduated as a gynecologist and obstetrician. While he spent the first part of his professional life developing his breathing method, later in life, he found a way to come back to his original interest. He worked with many couples that were planning to have a baby helping them (especially women) apply his principles of optimal health. As a result, women trained by him gave birth to children who were more physically and mentally developed compared to what was considered “normal”. Dr. Buteyko believed that prevention was far more important than cure and as a physiologist, he worked on determining conditions, which result in a birth of a disease-free child – a child, who is not only born healthy but also fully protected from diseases for life.

Dr. Buteyko’s discoveries regarding mothers and children are as fascinating as his discoveries regarding breathing. Here are just a few points he determined:

– To conceive a healthy baby, both parents should have a Positive Maximum Pause of 60 seconds or higher. The mother should maintain this level of CO2 throughout her pregnancy.
– Positive Maximum Pause of a newborn preferably should be 120 sec.
– Deep breathing training many pregnant women receive, can cause miscarriages and other complications during pregnancy
– Morning sickness is effectively stopped by breathing exercises,
– Any child breathing through his or her mouth is ill (whether he has been diagnosed or not)

Normally, I teach this part of Dr. Buteyko’s work during in a series of Private Sessions. This knowledge helps women to prevent common mistakes, which often lead to various problems related to the health of a baby. It also allows them to give birth naturally, medication-free with only a minimal level of pain and, more importantly, start sharing their lives with a disease-free child.

P.S.: To celebrate this Mother’s Day, please click on the video to listen to The Mother – one of Breathing Normalization Meditations

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