How To Become CO2 Rich

Whatever we do in our lives, we create or lose CO2, which I call our health currency. When we make CO2, we invest in our optimal health and longevity; when we lose CO2, we move closer to experiencing health bankruptcy. C02 is a vehicle that moves us from a state of disease, low energy, anxiety, and depression to well-being and a joyful and meaningful life. So, it makes sense to turn your lifestyle into a CO2 booster. How to do it? Apply the same rules you use to become wealthy: you must make money and save money. Just one of these two will not work!

Some people do a lot of breathing exercises and, as a result, create a lot of CO2; however, it does not generate a desirable effect because they lose the CO2 quickly. For example, after doing a session of Buteyko breathing exercises, they might spend a couple of hours talking on Zoom and end up with a CO2 level even lower than before they did the exercises. This can happen because, during their online meeting, they were inhaling through their mouth and used a loud and tense voice; hence they were hyperventilating without being aware of it. This situation is analogous to when a person works hard to make money during the day, and then at night, they go to a casino and spend even more than they had made.

If your goal is to become healthy, it is essential to become aware of the most common ways to make and lose CO2.

Four Common Ways To Increase CO2 (our Vital Energy):

Make CO2 by:
  1. Breathing nasally and gently 24/7
  2. Doing Buteyko breathing exercises
  3. Doing physical exercises combined with healthy nasal breathing
  4. By eating less, lighter or doing fasting
Save CO2 by:
  1. Eliminating inhalations through the mouth when speaking
  2. Eliminating mouth breathing when sleeping
  3. Eliminating mouth breathing when exercising
  4. Eliminating mouth breathing when stressed or anxious

Of course, there are many other ways to generate or lose CO2. For example, chanting can increase CO2 effectively or make a person lose carbon dioxide. What are the best ways to turn your lifestyle into an effective CO2 booster? Visit this page to learn about them.

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