Buteyko Jetliner is Airborne

A BreathMastery support program participant shares his experience in joining the Buteyko BreathMastry Community. Rasmus from Denmark was delighted to become a member of this program because of “the people he has met.” He was able to interact with other participants who had suffered from the same symptoms and embarked on their healing journeys.

I want to say THANK YOU to Sasha Yakovleva and everybody else in this BreathMastery group! I have had so much help from multiple people in this group, both supervisors and regular participants. You guys saved me, or at the least helped me save myself.”

Rasmus’ Buteyko journey was not easy. He learned the Buteyko method somewhere online and began doing long breath holds, which can be dangerous for health. He did not feel well. His instructors told him he was going through a healing crisis, but this crisis never ended. Rasmus became suspicious that he had received incorrect information and, after trying to figure it out on his own and failing, began searching for professional support. He signed up for a Private Session with Sasha Yakovleva. During their meeting, Sasha introduced to Rasmus Dr. Buteyko’s second discovery about Chroniosepsis and suggested that he joins the BreathMastery program. Rasmus was skeptical about this program, however, decided to try it out.

He joined the Buteyko community. Still, his symptoms were intense, his energy was low, and he was searching for a solution. Why do Buteyko students sometimes experience a symptom return? – he was wondering. Why do they sometimes even develop new symptoms? With the help of the BreathMastery teachers and members, he soon discovered the answers, created a plan, and successfully implemented it. It felt like the ultimate cure to him – the one he has been searching for for a long time.



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