A Chi Gong Master Explores Breathing Meditation States

The BreathMastery program hosts a new guest teacher, Himant Ellis. He is not only a chi gong master and bodyworker but also a fascinating individual with a unique background. He used to work in prison, teaching convicts the art of peaceful breathing. When Himant graced the participants of the Sacred Breath retreat in Crestone with his presence, he instantly captivated everyone with his vast experience, knowledge, and wisdom. 

Watch the video above to glimpse Himant’s presentation during a recent meeting of the Buteyko BreathMastery Community. At that time, Himant explored the topic of Breath, Samadhi, and Meditative states, offering his insights and guidance. Through specific movements and breathing techniques, he helped us understand and experience these states firsthand. 

In the upcoming 3rd Quarter of the BreathMastery program, Himant will take the Community members on a transformative ride, actively engaging and guiding them through each session. His course, aptly named “Being Breathed,” aims to assist in establishing subtle breathing patterns and harnessing the power of the breath. Himant’s teachings will focus on effortless balance, the inflow of energy, and invigorating body and breath movements. It is an opportunity to learn from a master and dive deeper into the profound connection between our breath, body, CO2, chi and inner vitality. Join BreathMastery and Himant on this extraordinary journey of self-discovery and the development of subtle, peaceful breathing, which is a foundation for optimal health. 

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