Can Buteyko students experience a symptom return?

Hello, Buteyko students!

Often, Buteyko is presented as a simple and easy way to improve health. Is it true? Yes, many people reduce their symptoms and feel better within weeks of applying the method; however, to become truly healthy is another story. Anyone traveling the Buteyko path for a significant time knows that it is full of obstacles. It can become bumpy and foggy, and you will feel lost, frustrated, and hopeless. I know this because I have experienced it more than once. Also, I observe this working with my clients. When this happens, a person wants to quit, and by doing so, they throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Here is an example of what can happen. After a successful period of health improvement, old symptoms return or new ones pop up. This can make a Buteyko student feel like a failure and even ashamed. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to keep this quiet, which is not conducive to growth.

This situation, negative in its appearance, presents great potential for accelerating your progress. From the perspective of the method, the symptoms are the messengers of the body, and it is not a good idea to kill the messenger. Instead of suppressing symptoms, we need to pay attention to the information these messengers deliver and use it as mud to keep growing the lotus of our personal and collective well-being.

And yes, it can get rather complex! Below you will see the most common reasons for symptoms presenting themselves.

  1. You regressed because you lost your motivation to continue moving forward on the Buteyko journey.
  2. You experience a healing crisis. This means that your symptoms will cease soon and your vital energy (CO2) will increase.
  3. You experience Chroniosepsis. With your immune system getting stronger, your symptoms can get worse. This can last for a long time.
  4. You did not know how to adjust your practice correctly in a new stage of development.

The BreathMastery program aims to make the Buteyko path easier. Your problems are welcome here. Don’t hide your struggle; put them on the table. The community will help you separate the wheat from the chaff, develop shortcuts, and get closer to achieving your goals. In this community, we meet everyone where they are and surround them with ongoing support.

I am happy to announce that among the people who have already signed up for this program is Victor Lunn-Rockliffe, an incredible artist from London who created drawings for Breathe To Heal book, the part written by A. Novozhilov MD. Click here to see a visual story of Dr. Buteyko’s first discovery created by this artist.

Victor came across Buteyko a few years earlier than I did, and, because he kept walking on the path of peaceful breathing, he had many profound experiences. I look forward to learning from Victor and exchanging our thoughts about the method. When Victor signed up, I sent him a welcoming letter and received the following reply:

Thanks for the welcome, Sasha, I too am looking forward to participating in the programme and fully expect to learn much from different persectives. I find that any authentic individual response to practicing the method, no matter the level of experience, can renew one’s own, all too often flagging, attention to breathing less….. As you commented in your video introducing the BreathMastery programme, the journey is a way of life, never-ending and greatly enhanced through mutual support amongst fellow travellers.

I agree with Victor. I also want to make it clear to everyone: BreathMastery is not another course or webinar. It is an ongoing support program where every member is a co-creator; we are all in the same boat. Buteyko students of all levels of their practice are welcome. It’s not a matter of your level that determines what you can get out of this program, it’s your desire to see your health improve in 2023.

During this program, you will benefit from the combined new and tested curriculum, various live interactions, and direct access to certified practitioners. Group sharing, individual hot seats, discussions, breathing exercise practice, and many other features also will be available.

Regardless of what you achieved or not, you are invited to become a part of this one-of-a-kind, precious gathering of like-minded people where everyone is seen and heard. This group will help you to dispel the fog on your path and shine. Don’t give up on your goals and dreams!

Learn more about Buteyko BreathMastery & International Community program.

Breathe joyfully,

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