About the Buteyko Breathing Center’s Programs (FAQs)

What is the Buteyko Breathing Center?

The Buteyko Breathing Center is an international online school to learn the Buteyko Breathing Method. The Buteyko Breathing Center (formerly Buteyko Center USA) was co-founded in 2009 by Thomas Fredricksen and Sasha Yakovleva at the request of the founders of Buteyko Clinic in Moscow, Ludmila Buteyko and Andrey Novozhilov, MD. From 2009 to 2021, Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Buteyko Specialist had been exclusively representing the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow and the Russian patent holder of the Buteyko Method in the US and other English speaking countries; in 2022, she resigned due to her commitments to writing her book and other projects.  Sasha is a primary teacher at the Center working together with other Buteyko practitioners trained by her.

I am interested in learning the Buteyko Method for my health issues. What educational options do you offer?

The Buteyko Breathing Center offers a variety of education options for individuals and families seeking to learn the Buteyko Breathing Method – online classes, individual and family courses, video instructions, CDs, and books. Please visit this page to learn more. In addition, you will find more information about our products and services in the store section of this website.

What is the best program you offer for someone who wants to work one-on-one with a Buteyko Method Specialist?

The best way to learn the Buteyko Breathing Method is to enroll in our Buteyko Breathing Normalization course. In this case, a student works one-on-one with a Buteyko practitioner via a video conference program. During the course, the practitioner determines the causes of the student’s hyperventilation and then creates a plan for altering the student’s lifestyle in order to improve their breathing and health. The Buteyko Specialist also teaches the student the Buteyko Breathing Exercises, which are part of the foundation of the method. This course is the best way for you to learn the many aspects of the Buteyko Breathing Method, which will improve your breathing and restore your health.

What is a free Buteyko Consultation? Do you offer it?

If you are considering taking our Buteyko Breathing Normalization course, your first step is to register for a free Preliminary Consultation with Sasha Yakovleva or another Buteyko practitioner trained by her. The purpose of this assessment is to help the student (and members of their family or their friends) to evaluate the potential effect of the  Buteyko Breathing Method on their life and understand all the details of this Buteyko training online.

If I am interested in learning the Buteyko Breathing Method in a group setting, what is the best way to do this?

For individuals who prefer learning the method in a group setting, we offer Buteyko Breathing Normalization training for small groups of family, friends, or colleagues. In addition, periodically Sasha Yakovleva offers group courses on various Buteyko-related topics and free webinars. Make sure that you are subscribed to our newsletter to receive notifications about these events.

What video course do you recommend to learn Buteyko Breathing?

We offer a video course Buteyko Breathing Step-by-step that consists of 8 hours of in-depth instructions presented by  Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Buteyko Specialist. You will also see the demonstrations of various breathing exercises and learn how to do them.

Why should a parent take a Buteyko program with their child?

A parent should participate with their child in our Buteyko Breathing Normalization Training course or other educational programs because we find that the success of a child depends largely on the support and encouragement of parents and family members. Also, depending on the child’s age, the parent may have to actively mentor the child and structure their breathing sessions and exercises.

Are your Buteyko courses available only in Colorado?

All our programs are available online and can be taken from any location in the world. Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Buteyko Specialist also offers various Buteyko courses in her office in Crestone, Colorado.

I am interested in learning the Buteyko Breathing Method on my own. What is the best way for me to do this?

The best way to learn the Buteyko method on your own is by watching the Video Training, which is available through our store. This program, which is specially designed for self-directed learners, contains 8 hours of in-depth video instruction and demonstrations of breathing exercises by Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist.

What books do you recommend about Buteyko Breathing Method?

A: Please visit Products section of our website to see the books.

We mostly recommend readings Breathe To Heal book written by Sasha Yakovleva, Dr. Buteyko, and Dr. Novozhilov. In this book, asthma is used as a model; however, the recommendations are applicable for various conditions.

Do you offer training for athletes, people who exercise, or wish to exercise regularly?

Yes. Our course Buteyko Breathing Normalization Training teaches proper breathing during various physical activities, including walking, running, weight training, and yoga. During this course, Sasha Yakovleva, or a Buteyko Specialist trained by her helps a client turn his physical exercise into breathing and health improvement tools.

If you want to learn on your own how to apply the Buteyko Breathing techniques for physical activities, you can do so by watching Sasha’s Buteyko Breathing Step-by-step video course. 

You will find more information about the Buteyko Method for fitness, sports, and workouts in Sasha’s  Blog, Fitness section. 


What equipment do I need in order to take a Buteyko course online?

The only equipment you need in order to take the Buteyko Breathing Center’s online live programs is a computer with a good Internet connection, a web camera.

How do I find a Buteyko practitioner?

To find a Buteyko practitioner in your area, see the list of certified Buteyko practitioners.

Most programs at the Buteyko Breathing Center are taught by Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Buteyko Specialist or the Buteyko practitioners trained by her. You are always welcome to email us, and we will advise you on finding the best Buteyko Breathing Method Specialist for your situation.

More information on this topic: How To Choose A Buteyko Breathing Practitioner

Where can I find more information about Buteyko training and other programs?

If you have further questions about our programs, please visit our store section.  If you need more information, please email us at info@breathingcenter.com

Can you give me any Buteyko advice right now?

Yes. Always breathe gently through your nose only. This will greatly reduce over-breathing, which, as K. P. Buteyko MD-PhD, discovered, is the root cause of many health issues.

More information on nose vs mouth breathing.

Where can I find more information about your programs? 

If you have further questions about our programs, they may be answered on our Frequently Asked Questions Page. Or, you might find the information you are looking for on our Learn Page. Still need more info? Call our Center anytime 800-520-3450, or you may email us at info@breathingcenter.com.

My son has asthma. My other son has allergies, and my husband snores. I think we could all benefit from learning the Buteyko Breathing Method. Can families attend your individual educational courses together?

Yes. For example, all immediate family members can be present for the Buteyko Breathing Normalization course.  While attention will be paid primarily to the asthmatic student for whom the family enrolled, all family members will have the opportunity to learn the method. We highly encourage families to take our educational courses together, as this creates the best environment for the primary student, as well as all other family members, to benefit from the method.

What is Buteyko breathing exercise? Does this really work?

The breathing exercises are the core element of the Buteyko Method, which is a natural, drug-free, holistic technique for the self-treatment of asthma, allergies, and breathing difficulties as well as many other health issues. The exercises were developed by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko as well as his wife Ludmila Buteyko and his step-son Anderey Novozhilov, M.D. Many clinical trials have shown that Dr. Buteyko’s breathing exercises can safely reduce asthma symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, congestion, excessive mucus, suffocation attacks, and many others as well as the need for medication; they also greatly increase the overall quality of life. Breathing exercises are most successful when tailored to the client’s individual condition and rate of improvement. It is strongly recommended to use the breathing exercises only under the supervision of a certified Buteyko Specialist. 

Dr. Buteyko, doctors from the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow, Sasha Yakovleva, and other Buteyko practitioners developed and refined the all-important breathing reduction exercises over many years. Objectively speaking, these exercises create important biochemical shifts in multiple body systems (primarily the respiratory, metabolic, immune, cardiopulmonary, and nervous systems) that promote healing and regeneration. Subjectively, they create a feeling of calm and restfulness. When practiced diligently, the Buteyko Breathing Exercises normalize breathing and create optimal health.

Buteyko breathing exercises work very well. Visit the Testimonials section of this website to read and watch what the Buteyko Breathing Center clients think about their Buteyko Breathing practice and its results.

What is the Buteyko Breathing Center?

BreathingCenter.com was established in 2009 by Sasha Yakovleva and Thomas Fredricksen, at the request of the Russian patent holders of the Buteyko Breathing Method and Dr. Buteyko‘s family.  Since that time, BreathingCenter.com has further developed the Dr. Buteyko’s approach and now offers various Buteyko Method programs and educational products online and in person for adults and. Our wellness programs are based on breathing exercises and lifestyle changes that support healthy breathing.

BreathingCenter.com is an international network of Buteyko Breathing Method Specialists, trained by medical doctors at Clinica Buteyko Moscow and BreathingCenter.com staff.  Buteyko Breathing Method specialists work with both adults and children mostly online via Skype.  Skype provides the perfect environment for learning and practicing breathing exercises, which allows BreathingCenter’s specialists to help clients all over the world. Buteyko Breathing Method training can be taken from any country.

How do I start learning the Buteyko Breathing Method?

The first step to improving your breathing and your overall health is to register for Preliminary Consultation and then to take the Level 1 Buteyko Breathing Method Training for adults and children. Like all BreathingCenter’s programs, this wellness training is available online or in person. As an alternative, you may wish to begin with the Breathing Method Video Training, which is available as a DVD or an instant download in the store section of our website. There are other options available as well: our group training or Private Sessions with a Buteyko Breathing Method Specialist.