This online school was founded in 2009 by Buteyko Teacher Sasha Yakovleva, following the request of Dr. Buteyko’s family and Buteyko Clinic in Moscow.
We are located in Colorado, USA.
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Learn Buteyko Breathing Online

All of our products and services are designed to help you improve your breathing and overall health. Apply Dr. Buteyko's Breathing Normalization as a natural solution for various problems such as asthma, cough, excessive mucus, fatigue, sinus issues, enlarged adenoids, and many other health challenges. Improve your respiration, energy, and quality of life!

We offer many ways to learn the Buteyko Breathing Techniques: 

In the Products section of this website, you will find downloadable video courses, guided Breathing Normalization meditations and other CDs, and books. Don't miss Breathe To Heal book containing the original texts written by Dr. Buteyko and Dr. Novozhilov's manual of the Buteyko Method. This section will present you with great opportunities to learn the Buteyko Method on your own. 

If you wish for the guidance of a Buteyko Breathing Specialist, please visit the Services section. Here you can book a free Preliminary Consultaion with Sasha Yakovleva or other Buteyko practitioners, sign up for our Breathing Normalization training (the most effective program), learn about our advanced courses, or learn the Buteyko Method in a group setting. All of these programs are available online; you are not limited by your location. 

Don't forget to visit the Events page to register for free Buteyko webinars! During these live events, you can meet with the members of our Breathe Less Community or address your questions directly to the true experts of the Buteyko Method. 

How To Learn And Apply the Buteyko Method Successfully

Option #1

“I need to learn more about the Buteyko Method before committing to applying it”
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Option #2

“I wish to improve my breathing fast and avoid mistakes. I want to feel better as soon as possible“
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Option #3

“I would like to learn on my own and save money!“
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