How To Choose A Buteyko Breathing Practitiioner

Not all Buteyko Breathing practitioners are teaching the authentic Buteyko method. 

How do you find the Buteyko teacher you can trust to teach you how to change your breathing? As the West begins to open up more and more to the profound teachings of K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD, one must be aware that not every person who calls themself “a Buteyko practitioner” is qualified to teach the Buteyko method. Many people think that being certified as a Buteyko teacher means being qualified as a Buteyko teacher but in the US and many European countries, unfortunately, this is not true. This confusing situation often generates negative results making the Buteyko Breathing students suffer. You need to be very careful selecting your Buteyko instructor.

How do you choose a good Buteyko teacher? Listen now as Sasha Yakovelva, Advanced Buteyko Specialist, as she shares 5 factors everyone should consider when trying to select a Buteyko practitioner to learn from. Keep in mind that manipulating breathing can be dangerous: learn how to avoid mistakes. 

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