What Control Pause Did Jesus Christ Have?

9 elements of CO-2 boosting lifestyle Jesus Christ had

In anticipation of this Easter holiday, I wondered what Jesus’s CO2 concentration was. Since no one can answer this question, I set myself free to speculate.

Since Jesus breathed, he should have had a certain level of CO2 in his lungs, which means that his Control or Positive Maximum Pause was measurable. I assume it was high (very high, indeed) because CO2 is a molecule of evolution. Furthermore, it is a known fact that advanced spiritual practitioners typically breathe nasally and very little; their breathing measurements belong to the upper part of Dr. Buteyko’s chart, indicating an abnormally high CO2 concentration. Dr. Buteyko called this level – yogic.

There are many historical accounts of saints, yogis, and other advanced spiritual souls/people who were able to hold their breath for a long time. For example, a Buddhist teacher named Gampopa was known for taking only one breath a night. A powerful Russian healer, Porfiriy Ivanov, could spend hours underwater without taking a breath. Some advanced yogis from India demonstrated similar abilities. So, following this logic, I believe that Jesus’ Control Pause was up to heaven. I envision he could withdraw his breath for a day or even days!

There are other reasons to assume that Christ’s CO2 concentration, represented by Control or Positive Maximum Pause, was abnormally high.

First, this is because his lifestyle contained many CO2-boosting elements, including:

  1. Altruism (who can compete in altruism with Jesus?)
  2. Fasting (he fasted for 40 days and also did Intermittent Fasting).
  3. Eating simple food (he was against gluttony; in addition, he ate local, seasonal, organic and did not use a microwave.)
  4. Meditation, prayers, and spiritual singing (check!)
  5. Keeping calm and staying stress-free (even on the cross)
  6. Walking a lot (not necessarily on the water:)
  7. Spending time outdoors and exposing the body to the elements of nature such as sun, air, water, etc. (I believe he practiced Tempering)
  8. Nasal breathing (I cannot imagine Jesus actively hyperventilating through his mouth as some well-known politicians do)
  9. Patience, generosity, compassion, and other virtues that support a high CO2 level (he modeled this!)

Did I forget something? I am sure I have not mentioned many other known or unknown factors.

Dr. Buteyko stated that CO2 is a carrier for the holy spirit. The less ego-centered we become and the more we fill our hearts with love for all beings, the more vital energy, represented by CO2, we will accumulate. Of course, gentle, peaceful breathing and simple lifestyle support this process of personal and collective evolution. Assuming that Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko was correct and also acknowledging that the Holy Spirit was Jesus’ closest companion since both were a part of the famous Trio, I assume that Jesus experienced the Holy Spirit in abundance, which also points to his high Control Pause.

How does it sound to you? I was inspired by my own speculation on this topic. It acted as a reminder that we live not by bread alone but by developing awareness that we all are one (despite all the polarization, wars, inequality, corporate greed, etc.) and that each life is equally precious because it presents an opportunity to move closer to Christ consciousness, pouring light onto the darkness that currently prevails on our planet.

In fact, Jesus Christ, as well as Buddha, Muhammad, and other spiritual heroes, outlined perfect CO2-boosting lifestyles for us. The Buteyko method is inseparable from their teachings. It’s just too bad that implementing these “Buteyko” lifestyles is not easy; however, any progress, even as small as breathing through the nose while asleep, is positive.

Happy Easter – coming soon! Let us remember that renewal and transformation are always a possibility.


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