Mouth Tape – Tools For Nasal Breathing While Sleeping


Sasha Yakovleva, a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner explains and demonstrates how to use the mouth tape to establish nasal breathing while sleeping

Breathe Through You Nose; Use Mouth Tape

I rarely endorse any product related to breathing because most of them are designed to widen airways. They make people feel more comfortable, but in the long run, they strengthen hyperventilation, the root of diseases, and therefore worsen various breathing problems and health issues. As many of you know, reducing your air consumption is essential for health improvement. There is no health without healthy breathing!

The first step in establishing healthy breathing is to learn how to maintain nasal breathing day and night, especially at night because respiration is always heavier at night. To accomplish this goal, sometimes we need gentle tools, which I’d like to introduce to you in this video where I demonstrated how to use gentle mouth tape. Please practice caution while applying them and if you need help, register for a consultation with Sasha, Advanced Buteyko Specialist. 

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