Dr. Novozhilov: About His Life and Work with Dr. Buteyko

Dr. Novozhilov, the co-founder of the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow talks about his life and work with Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko

In a recent webinar broadcasted live from Russia, Dr. Novozhilov shared the story about many years he spent the founder of the Buteyko Breathing Method, K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD who acted as his father and mentor. Andrey Novozhilov met Dr. Buteyko when he was nine years old, and has been practicing the Buteyko method since.

Dr. A. Novozhilov MD is the Russian patent holder of the Buteyko Method. He is joined by Sasha Yakovleva, the co-founder of the Breathing Center, as they discussed both his personal and professional insights that uncover the roots of how the Buteyko Breathing method expanded to what it is today. 

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