Nature Tempering is Deep Remembering!

In this video, Dr. Jesse Steiberg talks about Nature Tempering, an essential element of Dr. Buteyko‘s method. Most people with a low CO2 concentration the lungs and who, as a result, are not well, perceive cold and hot temperatures, humidity, dryness, etc, as their enemies. They fear snow and cold air because it can trigger breathing difficulties, fatigue, and many other health problems. Yes, it can, but only if your niche of accepted weather conditions is narrow. Russian Tempering method, which Dr. Buteyko actively used in his work, helps people to widen this niche and turn adverse weather conditions into their allies and health coaches.

In 2009, Jesse Steinberg had been suffering from asthma, fatigue, digestion issues, and many other health problems for as long as he could remember. That year, he took a Buteyko workshop with Sasha Yakovleva and Thomas Fredriksen. This opened a door for him to optimal health; however, he had a long way to go. This is what he wrote about his experience just a week after the workshop.

As an asthmatic, he was vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. So, it was time for him to start practicing Russian Tempering. Before, even a little bit of cold air would make him feel breathless, but following Sasha’s guidance, he became able to swim in frozen lakes. Now, he passes his knowledge to other students of the Buteyko method.

The teaching captured by this video was given to the participants of Buteyko MasterMind group that later became Buteyko BreathMastery group. The participants of this group practice Nature Tempering and share their experiences with each other.

You can learn about Nature/Russian Tempering and how to apply it by watching this video course.

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