Success: What Can You Live Without

Recently I’ve been very successful. I gave up my car (at least for the summer), stopped eating meat, fish, poultry, and eggs. I’ve also been privileged to observe the success of people around me. For example, my husband, Thomas, stopped using sunblocks, which was not easy considering that he spent many years in Hawaii. He also replaced his iPhone with a simple internet-free phone. I also noticed that AnnChris, our Program Coordinator and a former asthmatic, is off of her medication – she does not need it anymore! Monique, our Buteyko Breathing Method Specialist from Holland, told me that recently she stopped wearing socks and even gave up her favorite vest. She was able to do so because her body temperature became more self-regulatory as a result of applying Russian tempering. Also, several of my students stopped consuming dairy products.

From the point of view of Dr. Buteyko, success is not the number of material possessions you can accumulate; instead, it is what you can live without. “Less” instead of “More” is the true foundation for a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

This point of view seems to be far away from the “American Dream” but is close to the philosophy of yoga. Letting go of attachments, allows us to be more independent and also happier. Without attachments, one can enjoy the pleasures of life more since there is no fear of losing them.

Besides, controlling your own consumption is the best gift we can offer to our mother Earth.

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