The Effortless State of Health

Imagine that all pharmacies and hospitals close; all medications vanish, and even alternative treatments became unavailable. What will happen? I imagine that in the United States many people would die. Many would undergo tremendous pain and suffering. Many would not be able to work or take care of their families.

This hypothetical situation helps to evaluate the true state of health. People are used to the idea that health should be constantly supported by chemical or natural solutions but why? Can’t people be independently healthy like wild animals are?

Dr. Buteyko discovered that over-eating, sedentary lifestyles, and other aspects of modern existence affect breathing patterns, making hyperventilation habitual. Most people are not aware that their excessive breathing negatively impacts their health. Unless breathing is reduced, the true, effortless, state of health remains unachievable.

To learn how to breathe less, the way wild animals do, you will need to learn Buteyko Breathing. 

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