It’s Too Hot To Breathe

What happens when the weather becomes too hot? Most people switch to hyperventilation!

During hot summer days the tendency to breathe through the mouth, or too frequently and too deep is always higher. By decreasing the level of carbon dioxide in the lungs, this type of breathing reduces the amount of oxygen being delivered to the brain, heart, kidneys and all other bodily organs (see the Bohr Effect). This makes many symptoms more active and could even cause death.

What can we do to protect ourselves during heat waves? First of all, be more mindful of your breathing: don’t allow yourself to breathe through your mouth and maintain quiet nasal breathing. Take cool showers, drink plenty of water and eat only raw, juicy fruits, berries, or vegetables. Avoid meat and dairy products since they stimulate hyperventilation.

The Buteyko Breathing Method helps people become less vulnerable to many factors, including the weather. People with a low Positive Maximum Pause are susceptible to extreme temperatures while those who eliminated their over-breathing are able to spend many hours outdoors in severe weather; for example, working outside when the sun is the most active and walking barefoot in the snow.

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