Stop Being Allergic

Blooming trees, growing grass, and fragrant flowers often cause sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and terrible headaches. Unfortunately, allergies are so common that they seem normal.

Allergies are not normal! From Dr. Buteyko‘s perspective, it is a serious health issue indicating the dysfunction of the immune system. If they are not stopped by The Buteyko Breathing Method, he believed allergies could lead to cancer..

All people suffering from allergies have one thing in common – over-breathing. When they reduce their breathing, allergies disappear. I used to have a strong hay fever; my husband was allergic to many types of food, humidity, smoke, dust, pollen, dogs, and cats. Now, these problems are in the past. By the way, did you know that Prince Charles of Wales overcame his allergy to horses by following Dr. Buteyko’s recommendations?

If you have allergies, we recommend a consultation with Charles W. LaBarre, an Advanced Buteyko specialist, doctor of acupuncture, and allergy expert. He is available in person in Woodstock, NY.  Call or email us to request a consultation with him.

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