Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life

Breathing patterns of Native Americans were superior to breathing of modern “civilized” people.

Were Native Americans mouth or nose breathers? One of our Buteyko specialists told me about a fascinating book published in London in 1882. It is called Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life and is available as a download. The author examined the health of about 150 various tribes primarily Native Americans. He found out that health-wise “wild people” were extremely superior to the “civilized” population. Why?

He determined the main factor and illustrated it with drawings. Here are drawings and a quote from George Catlin’s book:

“Shut-your-mouth! In the social transactions of life, this might have its beneficial results, as the most friendly, cautionary advice, or be received as the grossest of insults; but where I would paint and engarve it, in everyNursery, and on every Bed-post  in the Universe, its meaning could not be mistaken; and if obeyed, its importance would soon be realized. “

Drawings From George Catlin’s Book “Shut Your Mouth And Save You Life”

Civilized Mouth Breathers
Wild Nose Breathers
Mouth Breathing Nose Breathing 1 copy
Mouth Breathing Nasal Breathing

Nose Breathing During Sleep

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