Breathing And Sanity – The Road To Calmness And Tranquility

Buddha, Jesus, and Muhammad: were they mouth or nose breathers?

After publishing my last blog post titled Shut Your Mouth, I received an email from Victor Lunn-Rockliffe, a brilliant “Buteyko artist” who has been spreading information about the benefits of reduced breathing for years. My book Breathe To Heal contains his illustrations. Victor emailed me his drawing of “nose breathing people,” among which I found the face of Buddha Shakyamuni. All portraits emitted calmness and tranquillity. Looking at them, I caught myself wondering if there is a connection between breathing and sanity. I went online and looked at images of Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and other advanced souls from various spiritual traditions. There were no mouth-breathers among them!

Is this surprising? I don’t think so! Mouth breathing is always linked to negative emotions rooted in fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, strong and uncontrollable desires, and poor health. Dr. Buteyko stated that mouth breathing is an indication of degradation. The good news is that we are capable of changing this condition imposed on us by comfort and other aspects of the modern lifestyle. We are fully capable of taking steps toward better health, emotional stability, sanity, and self-improvement.

Victor depicted this idea in the drawing below titled Buteyko Land, which shows that people who improve their breathing also improve their lives by making them more balanced, not only on the individual level but across society as well.

Improve your breathing equals improve your life
Nose breathing blissful faces

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