Connect with Your Guru Within, at the Buteyko Wellness Retreat

Dr. Jesse Steinberg invites Buteyko students of all levels to join our International Buteyko Community for a Buteyko Wellness Retreat at a high altitude in the Colorado mountains. Connect with your sacred breath, your guru within. 

If you are trying to learn or apply the Buteyko Breathing Method, this is the best wellness retreat for you. Why? Because every single aspect of this unique event is designed to boost CO2 in the lungs, creating vitality, energy, and optimal level of respiration and health.

Click here to learn more or register for the Sacred Breath retreat. 

Jesse Steinberg, a Doctor of Chiropractic, will offer the participants of the Sacred Breath retreats chiropractic adjustments supportive of perfect respiration and health. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Sasha Yakovleva will lead this retreat, offering her knowledge and experience in the form of group coaching and private sessions.

Ola Lugowska, a certified Buteyko teacher and yoga instructor, will lead daily Buteyko Yoga classes.

This is a precious chance to unplug, reset, and spend a week with the well-known Buteyko teachers and other members of the International Buteyko Community.

Learn how to breathe peacefully and joyfully and bring this skill back home!

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