Hot Summer Months: Utilize Buteyko Breathing Techniques

If you’re new to the Buteyko Method, you may have been encouraged to start putting it into practice this summer.

As extreme heat and humidity take over for the next few months, improper breathing (hyperventilation) can take a toll on your health.

Also known as over-breathing, hyperventilation occurs when people breathe rapidly using their mouth. During hot summer months, mouth breathing becomes more frequent, fast-paced, and deep. As a result, carbon dioxide levels in the lungs decrease. The brain, heart, kidneys, and other bodily organs receive an inadequate supply of oxygen.

As the body attempts to normalize carbon dioxide levels, the blood pH begins to change rapidly. This results in the person experiencing shortness of breath, chest tightening, and muscle cramping. Their heart begins to race and they start to feel lightheaded.

If breathing normalization doesn’t occur on time, the person may pass out. Unfortunately, the risk of this happening significantly increases during hot summer months. The pH levels rise abnormally and become more alkaline. As the person’s energy levels go down, they begin to feel weak and fatigued.

Excessive heat and humidity put people at a greater risk of chronic hyperventilation. By creating a state of oxygen deprivation, chronic hyperventilation has long-term effects on an individual’s health. These include decreased motor control and cognitive disturbances.

According to Dr. Ira Packman, their memory becomes poor, emotions become raw and uncontrollable, muscles get fatigued, the heart functions inefficiently, the liver fails to produce proteins and glucose as it should, the bone marrow does not respond appropriately to the needs of the immune system…. it goes on and on like this.

If a person continually enters a state of oxygen deprivation during hot summer months, the symptoms may worsen. In fact, death can also occur.

We strongly recommend altering your breathing patterns to ensure healthy, wholesome, regulated, and balanced nose breathing. In this blog, we’ll dive deeper into the benefits of utilizing Buteyko Breathing Techniques this summer.

Normalization of Carbon Dioxide Levels

People who use the Buteyko Breathing Techiques are able to decrease the volume of air exchange in the lungs and prevent the rapid loss of carbon dioxide through exhalation. As carbon dioxide levels normalize in the air sacs and blood, the pH is effectively regulated. The symptoms associated with over-breathing are alleviated and eventually, eliminated.

People often wonder whether Buteyko Breathing Techniques will work for them or not, especially if they’re heavily reliant on heavy mouth breathing. The lungs respond incredibly quickly to gentle nose breathing. As abnormal breathing patterns are normalized, the body begins to reap the benefits of this transition almost immediately.

The benefits of switching to the Buteyko Method Techniques are even more pronounced in summer. The body quickly acclimatizes to the changes and begins to heal from the extensive damage caused by hyperventilation.

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Increase in Oxygenation

a woman practicing nose breathing at home

Using Buteyko Techniques is a great way to naturally regulate and increase the body’s oxygen levels. While increasing oxygenation is important during any month, it’s significantly more imperative during summer. This is because summer heat increases the risk of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) in the brain.

Overbreathing using the mouth during hot summer months triggers intense bronchial and cardiac spasms. Collectively, oxygen starvation and hyperventilation create a crisis inside the body. They trigger metabolic malfunctions, increase the risk of mental disorders, and wreak havoc on the nervous system.

As a person normalizes their breathing patterns using Buteyko Breathing Techniques, their organs, especially the brain, receive more oxygen. Consequently, brain activity is stimulated. Their memory capacity, concentration levels, energy levels, strength, endurance, and stamina are significantly improved.

If you enjoy an active lifestyle, you’ll be able to perform high-intensity workouts or engage in challenging sports and excursions without feeling fatigued and tired. Your performance will improve across the board. Whether you’re working, exercising, or spending time with your family, you’ll be more present-minded, alert, sharp, and attentive.


Improvement in Overall Health

Buteyko Breathing is an all-natural healing solution for a wide range of common ailments and conditions, including those that are exacerbated during summer.

Here’s a closer look at some of these health conditions:

The Buteyko Method helps people become less vulnerable to these conditions. By breathing evenly through their nose during summer, people can significantly improve their respiratory health. Consequently, their musculoskeletal, lymphatic, nervous, digestive, endocrine, cardiovascular, and urinary systems also reap the benefits of these changes.

If the symptoms associated with your medical condition(s) worsen in hot summer months, you’ll gain much-needed relief and feel better. As a holistic technique, Buteyko Breathing benefits a person’s physical and mental health in numerous ways.

If you’re new to the Buteyko Breathing Method, we recommend checking out the following resources:

We also provide a wide range of videos, audio, books, individual programs, and group programs.

Buteyko Breathing for hot summer months
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If you’re ready to get started, we recommend taking the breathing test to determine where you stand.

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