Two Key Benefits Of Working With A Buteyko Practitioner


Question: I have always suffered from shortness of breath, even when I was very young, healthy, and an active athlete. Over the years, it’s gotten worse, and I had various diagnoses, usually, asthma. I had a chronic cough for about the last thirty years. I had a lot of breathing difficulties but nobody was able to pinpoint what the cause of all of it was. Since I learned about Buteyko, I have observed how much of a mouth breather I am. I began using tape to keep my mouth shut at night and saw some improvements… I did yoga for 35 years and a lot of deep breathing there, I was always puzzled why it was causing me some breathing problems, but now you explained that. So, I am feeling very optimistic about the Buteyko Method. I would like to know how to practice the Buteyko Method?

In this video, two Buteyko practitioners – Sasha Yakovleva and Fred Brown – answer this question asked during one of the Buteyko webinars.

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