Covid-19 Webinar With Dr. Novozhilov, the Co-creator of Buteyko!

How Does Your Breath Regulate Susceptibility To Corona Virus

This is a full replay of the webinar presented by Dr. Novozhilov, co-founder of Buteyko Clinic in Moscow and the Russian patent holder of the Buteyko Method.

How do we survive COVID-19 if infected and how do we prevent this disease? Dr. Novozhilov believes that Coronavirus triggers over-breathing and is very dangerous. In addition to this, medical professionals are using ventilators which increases over-breathing in patients: resulting in a situation that can be lethal. Dr. Novozhilov joined this webinar live from Moscow, Russia. Sasha Yakovleva translated for him.

Dr. Novozhilov is known as a warm and compassionate person who dedicated his entire life to helping people to breathe and feel better. Without his life-long efforts, the authentic Buteyko Method would not be available for us today. Enjoy the full replay of this webinar now!

This webinar originally aired May 30, 2020

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