Buteyko Trade For Comfort

CO2 upgrade for a kitchen

We like comfort but are often unaware that its price is high. When people had a more natural lifestyle (chopping wood, carrying water, gardening, building, and taking care of elders and children), they spent most of their days in motion. These regular long cardio exercises made their cells generate CO2, and, as a result, people maintained the optimal level of CO2 in their lungs. This created a strong foundation for their robust overall health and stamina.

As we all know, things have changed since then. Most people spend their days in front of electronic devices, often on a couch, a soft office chair, or a car seat. And even those who do exercise regularly rarely do it right. Usually, after a day of sitting, people hurry to a gym and do an intense workout because their leisure time is limited. This lifestyle is still very different from a person’s life in a little fishing village, say, many years ago ( a type of lifestyle described by Weston A. Price). Dr. Buteyko believed that our sedentary lifestyle was the main reason for the CO2 deficit in the lungs, which, according to this legendary Russian physiologist, is the primary regulator of all body functions. Insufficient concentration of carbon dioxide in the lungs creates a green light for many health disorders. Unfortunately, intense workouts worsen this situation, especially when people breathe through their mouths. They steal more carbon dioxide, our vital energy, presumably called prana.

How to break free from this vicious cycle? Dr. Buteyko came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested “paying” for anything that offers us comfort through physical exercise. He was convinced this would be our reality in the future. How to implement this idea? Watch this video to see how I did that. After watching this video, you might come up with your own ideas on how to make a “CO2 trade for comfort”… If so, I would like to know about them. Please share them in the comments section under this video on my Youtube channel or this page. It would be helpful for all of us to create more “Buteyko devices” at home. And it can be fun too!

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  1. Dear Sasha, thank you for this video.
    Since I like doing pull ups, I love your idea of installing a bar in the kitchen… And I also love pine nuts, by the way!
    In the beginning I had weak arms too and the following video helped me to progress rapidly ( https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EihD_pt2AFA ), so I wanted to share it with you.
    Kind regards, Martin


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