Breath of Christmas

Are holidays good or bad for our health? Dr. Buteyko’s approach helps us to find answers to this question.

Holidays are often associated with worries, even though many people are hesitant to admit it. Seeing a family could be stressful since this activity is often accompanied by judgments. Choosing the right present could be a laborious and challenging task. Overspending often creates anxiety and attempts to make everyone happy might feel like a failure. If you add excessive amounts of food (often too rich), alcohol/caffeine drinks, and lack of physical activities, this holiday cocktail is not going to look healthy.

All factors mentioned above stimulate hyperventilation and lead to a loss of carbon dioxide in the lungs. Consequently, this weakens immune, nervous, and other bodily systems and could provoke all kinds of symptoms – not just breathing difficulties

On a positive note, the true spirit of Christmas could improve our health. How? Altruism, kindness, and tolerance always make our breathing more peaceful. Any genuine prayer said whole-heartily raises Control and Positive Maximum Pauses. This increases the level of carbon dioxide, improving oxygen distribution in the whole body and the functions of various organs and systems. As a result, symptoms could vanish and a person might feel better.

I wish everyone to stay with the true spirit of Christmas and not to yield to societal demands.

I wish for everyone to be happy and healthy!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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