Great and Meaningful

Give yourself git of perfect health

Think about gifts… How many have you received or given?

Did you put some on a shelf and forget about them? Have you ever re-gifted? I am sure some presents helped you experience true kindness, perhaps even love but did any of them create a significant difference in your life?

The best gift I ever received was ‘perfect health’. At that time I was in my early 40‘s and sincerely believed that I was healthy. How ignorant! Chronic pain in my joints and kidneys, lumps in my breasts, allergies, low blood pressure, hemorrhoids, PMS, tonsillitis, sleep apnea, periodic headaches, and many other health issues were my reality at that time. The reason I thought I was ‘okay’ was that these symptoms were mild and I perceived them as signs of unavoidable aging.

There was another reason to think I was healthy. My husband was on the verge of dying from severe asthma. Compared to him I was healthy! No suffocation attacks, no persistent cough, no chronic fatigue.

His disease was a blessing in disguise. Without it, we would never have believed that the cause of all our health issues was over-breathing. Searching for an asthma cure, we came across Dr. Buteyko‘s discoveries, which brought us to a state of health we never experienced before. Thomas overcame the austerity of his asthma and my health issues disappeared as well. Our lives became easier, more enjoyable, and certainly more meaningful. What a great gift!

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