Cold and Flu

Last winter I spent a month in a retreat center, where everyday residents would get together for meals. The dining room was the arena for most discussions. To my surprise, many of them were about colds and flu driven by an assumption that it is normal to get ill during winter. Coughing and sniffling, people advised each other on natural remedies and generously shared their drugs. They were also trying to figure out how to protect themselves from the dangerous flu. During these conversations, I found myself remaining quiet… most people would rather be ill than change their belief system.

What could I say? Colds, flu, and any other respiratory issues are not normal. You don’t need to search for remedies against them. If your breathing is at the level of Dr. Buteyko’s norm (or even close to it), your immune system will protect you. You can spend many hours and a lot of money trying to prevent these issues or curing them; however, you will never conquer colds or influenza unless your breathing is normalized. Nasal, gentle breathing 24/7 creates a concrete wall blocking out any respiratory issues.

Would you consider this new paradigm? Click here to listen to the audio file: The Flu and the Buteyko Method; Full Article Audio

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