How To Measure Your Child’s Breathing?

Back To School, Back To Over-Breathing

Going back to school often means that a child is going back to frequent colds and flu, constantly running nose, enlarged adenoids and tonsils, fatigue, allergies, and other problems triggered by hyperventilation.

Being at school comes with a combination of stress, excitement, a sedentary lifestyle, and short but intense periods of physical activities (sports), which almost inevitably increases over-breathing and consequently makes respiratory and other symptoms worse. Nevertheless, when a child’s Control Pause is at the level of the Buteyko norm or at least close to it, he or she becomes protected from all these problems. 

Please see below how a breathing measurement called Control Pause corresponds with a child’s strength of health. By increasing your child’s Control Pause, you will strengthen your child’s health. Click here to measure your child’s Control Pause or your own.

Back to school - back to hyperventilation
Consider taking a Private Session with Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Buteyko Specialist to increase your child’s Control Pause.

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