Anxiety. Anxiety. Anxiety. What To Do?

Learn a Buteyko breathing exercise for anxiety

This breathing exercise is helpful for anyone who suffers from anxiety – a condition, which is driven by hyperventilation. When a person is anxious, he or she is caught up in their thoughts and their breathing becomes shallow making the chest move. To stop anxiety, it is important to normalize breathing and move this disturbing energy down, transforming it into a feeling of stability and being grounded.

Today, I’d like to offer you a breathing exercise, which I call The Oak Tree. While doing this exercise, remember to avoid any mouth breathing as well as heavy or noisy breathing. Breathe Peace!

Breathing Tip:
– Meditation combined with relaxation and reduced breathing is a safe way to reduce anxiety. Click here to download the Breathing Normalization Meditations CD.

– Watch this additional video to learn a safe breathing exercise for anxiety: Long Sound 

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