Breathing Normalization Method

Do you wish to improve your breathing and become healthier?
This drug-free and holistic method will help! 

Breathing Normalization will strengthen your respiratory, immune and nervous systems and improve overall health and energy. It does not have any negative side-effects.

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We are certified Breathing Normalization specilaists trained by medical doctors at Clinica Buteyko Moscow.

We are also people helping people. We used to be sick, now we are healthy. We are happy to share our experience with you. We are not medical doctors and we do not treat any specific disease. We educate people on the Breathing Normalization™ method originated by K.P. Buteyko M.D.

In 1952, he made a discovery: one of the most revolutionary in the medical field. Ironically, his work was never fully accepted by his colleagues, however, his method spread out as a grassroots movement, helping people all over the world. In many countries the elements of this drug-free and holistic method now are covered by medical insurances.

Breathing Center has been helping people since 2008.

Over 7,000 Satisfied Clients.

These adults and children are healthier, happier and more energetic. Read their Testimonials and join this group.

Breathing Center is the exclusive representative of Clinica Buteyko (Moscow, Russia) and the patent holders of the Buteyko Method (L.Buteyko & A.Novozhilov, M.D.)

Without normalizing your breathing, you will not be able to defeat a disease. Your immune system will remain weak and many other systems will be off balance. As a result, you might feel tired, even depressed, ill and will have to take various drugs.

The Breathing Normalization™ method will set you free. Sixty years of its application under medical supervision in Clinica Buteyko proved this. Since 2009 Breathing Center offers this unique method in the USA and many other countries. Learn it from home via Skype,  in our offices or by watching a DVD.

Breathing & Health Improvement: Essential Questions

What is Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization?

The name “Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization” is used for educational programs offered by Breathing Center to people who wish to improve their breathing and achieve optimal health. This method was originated in Russia in the early 1950s by K. P. Buteyko, MD, who discovered that over-breathing is a major contributing factor and possibly a cause for many diseases. It took almost sixty years for Russian scientists and medical doctors to refine Dr. Buteyko’s approach and create a holistic and drug-free method, which not only improves respiratory function but also increases overall efficiency of all bodily systems.

In 2009, following the request of patent holders of the Buteyko™ method and Dr. Buteyko’s family, Sasha and Thomas Yakovlev-Fredricksen established Breathing Center. Breathing Center adjusted the breathing improvement method further and developed a series of educational programs for adults and children called Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization training. These wellness programs are based on breathing exercises and lifestyle changes conducive to healthy breathing.

What is Breathing Center?

Breathing Center is an international network of Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization specialists trained by medical doctors at Clinica Buteyko™ Moscow and Ludmila Buteyko. Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization specialists teach adults and children how to improve their breathing and health. They work with people in person or online via Skype. Fortunately, Skype creates the perfect environment for learning and practicing breathing exercises, which allows Breathing Center to help clients all over the world.

Who should learn the Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization technique?

Anyone who wishes to improve their health should learn this holistic and drug-free method. Breathing Normalization specialists primarily work with people who have various breathing difficulties, such as asthma, COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), sleep apnea, allergies, chronic cough, rhinitis (stuffy nose), nasal polyps, and enlarged adenoids and tonsils. However, the Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization method is not limited by these health issues. Please look at the full list of the health problems that can be reversed by this holistic breathing treatment.

How do I start learning Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization?

Start improving your breathing and health by taking one of our Breathing Normalization programs Level 1. Our most effective program is the Individual/Family/Friends course, which is available online or in person. Also, some people choose to start learning Breathing Center’s health-improvement techniques by watching the Video Training, which is available as a DVD or a download in the store section of our website.

Could you help my child with enlarged adenoids avoid adenoidectomy?

From the perspective of Dr. Buteyko, enlarged adenoids is a bodily reaction to over-breathing, especially mouth breathing. When hyperventilation is eliminated, adenoids stop growing and breathing becomes quiet, gentle, and healthy.

Breathing Normalization specialists work with children all over the world who face adenoid removal surgery. We help them to improve their breathing naturally, and therefore prevent the need for adenoidectomy. To learn about our program Adenoids without Surgery, please visit the Adenoids page of our website.

Why is this method often called a Natural Asthma Cure?

Dr. Buteyko’s approach is primarily known for reducing and stopping symptoms of asthma as well as other breathing difficulties. Many asthmatics have been able to stop their suffocation attacks, coughing fits, and other symptoms by switching to gentle nasal breathing. Please see testimonials of our clients who suffered from asthma but were able to improve their breathing and health by learning and applying this holistic method, which is often casually called a Natural Asthma Cure.

What is the difference between Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization and other breathing techniques or treatments?

There are many breathing techniques available. Often people say: “Try this breathing technique; it will be good for you!” However, before trying any breathing techniques, treatments, or methods, a person should determine its purpose. Is this breathing technique good for your spiritual development, or is it good for your looks? What is its purpose? Will this breathing treatment improve your health? If the goal is to strengthen your health, this fact should be proven by medical trials, clinical work, and testimonials.

Medical trials and clinical work have proved that Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization method is effective for health improvement. In several countries it is covered by medical insurance. Many of Breathing Center’s students had severe breathing difficulties but were able to overcome their health problems by practicing breathing exercises and improving their lifestyle in order to support healthy breathing. Our website contains many testimonials from our clients, who share their stories of successful breathing and health improvement.

Areas of Our Work
We work with diverse groups of people (see below). No matter what category you belong to, your first step is to take one of our Buteyko™ Breathing Normalization  programs.
Breathing Normalization Programs
For people who are ill: Over-breathing or hyperventilation is extremely destructive to the body. By removing this chronic stress and restoring the innate capacity of the body to heal itself, Breathing Normalization™ eliminates or reduces a wide-range ofsymptoms. This method is best known as a natural, holistic treatment for general health improvement, which is especially effective in cases of breathing difficulties, asthma, COPD, hypertension, chronic fatigue, allergies, anxiety, hypertension, sleeping disorders and many other health problems. Please see the full list of diseases correctable by Buteyko Breathing Normalization as the originator of this method K.P. Buteyko MD compiled
Breathing Improvement
People who think they are healthy: Many people, who are not severely ill, assume they are healthy. Often it is not true! They might be symptom free, or perhaps they do not notice their symptoms, or they do not take them seriously. Regardless, they are far away from their optimal health. Their state of health is unstable and can produce a disease at any given time. They habitually call it "health" only because optimal health is unknown to them. A fish swimming in dirty water, does not have a clue about pure water. Dr. Buteyko left us a precious gift: a map to optimal health on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. We invite you to reach this destination.
Adenoids Without Surgery
For children and parents: Breathing Normalization™ is effective for kids. Any child above three years of age can learn the breathing exercises. Often children perceive them as a captivating game. The method helps children overcome various health issues and also acts as prevention for many serious diseases. Besides the reduction or removal of primary symptoms, the usual outcome is increased concentration and mental clarity, calmness, absence of allergies, and seasonal colds. Our program Adenoids Without Surgery has become particularly popular among parents. Many children have been able to avoid surgical removal of their adenoids – as physicians no longer deemed it necessary.
Hyperventilation Treatment
For Future Parents: For women and men thinking about becoming parents: we strongly recommend applying Breathing Normalization™ to ensure the physical and mental health of your future child. It is much easier to give birth to a healthy baby and maintain their health later, as compared to curing a child who is born unhealthy. Decades of experience by our breathing specialists shows that parents who hyperventilate give birth to babies who hyperventilate as well. If a child over-breathes, they cannot be healthy. Be proactive, learn the method. Remember: it is easier to prevent a disease than cure it.

Video Testimonials


I was so impressed with my experience learning Breathing Normalization in the Level 1 program that I decided to enroll in Level 2 as I soon as I completed Level 1. Level 2 took me way beyond learning the practice of Breathing Normalization and into uncharted territory.  I consider myself very... Read more

- Ethan Campbell
Date: December, 2013

I am astonished and grateful for the changes I am experiencing. I am nearly 70 years old.  For many years I have had debilitating symptoms which have seriously compromised my working and social life and caused a depressing outlook on life.  With a total commitment to whatever I undertook... Read more

- Wendy Becher
Date: December, 2013


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Improve Your Breathing & Health

Over-breathing (hyperventilation) reduces oxygen delivery to the brain, heart, kidneys and other vital organs; creates spasms in various systems; damages metabolism and the functioning of the nervous, cardio-vascular, respiratory and immune systems. Over time, hyperventilation will gradually destroy a person's health and in some cases it can even be lethal. Here at Breathing Center, we teach how to restore a person's health by reducing or eliminating excessive breathing. This method is based on the ground-breaking findings of K. P. Buteyko, M.D. who discovered that the normalization of breathing leads to significant improvement in the functioning of immune, nervous, digestive, respiratory and other bodily systems. His discoveries were confirmed by sixty years of the application of his method under medical supervision in Clinica Buteyko in Moscow. Clinica Buteyko and the patent holders of the Buteyko method granted the Breathing Center exclusive rights to teach it.People who apply Breathing Normalization™ overcome various diseases, such as asthma, COPD, allergies, rhinitis, hypertension, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, and eczema – just to name a few (see the full list of reversible conditions). There are thousands of people all over the world who are living proof that Buteyko's approach works. Breathing Normalization™ Specialists are educators who teach people how to restore their health by improving their breathing and altering their lifestyle. Our practitioners work in person or via the Internet. Wherever you are in the world, if your wish is to improve your breathing and health, we can help you – just contact us.The best way to learn this method is by enrolling in one of our Breathing Normalization™ programs. Please visit our Learn page to see the programs designed for individuals, families, groups and various budgets as well. During these programs, the specialist determines causes of hyperventilation, and creates a plan for altering the students' lifestyle – in order to improve their breathing and health. The Breathing Normalization™ Practitioner also teaches a student the breathing exercises, which are foundational to this method.These exercises create numerous positive physiological shifts in the body. Normally, after the completion of a Breathing Normalization ™ program a person feels more energetic and their regular needs for sleep and food become naturally reduced since their body starts functioning more efficiently. Our Individual/Family course is the most effective way to learn the many aspects of Dr. Buteyko's method , which helps adults and children. We also have many other educational programs and products. For the full list, please visit our online store.