Travel: How To Breathe – Buteyko Breathing Recommendations

Sasha Yakovleva, a Buteyko practitioner explains how to avoid viruses and breathing problems while traveling.

Control Your Air Intake In Airports and Airplanes

While traveling during holidays, many adults and children end up not feeling well – catching a virus or having a headache, wheezing, coughing, feeling fatigued, or having other issues, which we don’t want to be a part of our festivities. Is there a way to prevent this situation or at least to reduce the risk of having health problems while traveling?

Certainly! Watch this video to learn how travel affects breathing and how to apply simple techniques, which will help you and your family breathe better. Sasha Yakovleva explains how to control your breathing in airports, airplanes, and other crowded places. This information is essential for anyone who wishes to be healthy but especially for asthmatics and people who have various lung and breathing problems.

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