Buteyko Became a Natural Cure For My Breathing Problems

UPDATE: May 2012

Update on me… well, I have continued to monitor my Control Pause (CP).  My best recently has been 35.  I am exercising, taping my mouth at night, and paying close attention to my breathing.  I do the formal seated breath-holds once a day…unless I feel my exercise is enough to offset the need too. However, I do question if I should be doing the formal seated breath-holds three times a day regardless???  If I am experiencing a day or so where I’m having difficulty with my breathing I will do the formal seated breath-holds at least three times per day.  I have to tell you I haven’t had very many of these days, which is very exciting to me.  Also, when I am having problems (which hasn’t been that often since Dec. or Jan.) I have been able to get it under control using the Buteyko method.  My CP is between 25-36, I have reached 48, and I feel good most days and have more energy.  I feel I have come so far, it’s truly amazing!  I am so grateful to Thomas and Sasha.

October 2011

My Buteyko experience has been amazing! The practitioners, Thomas and Sasha, have been wonderful to work with and very informative¦ truly a blessing! I had a pulmonologist appointment this morning. My lung function test was 119%!!! Three months ago it was 84%. I didn’t have to do the albuterol inhaler with this test…thankfully!

I developed asthma three years ago. Although my asthma was initially classified as mild, it was very persistent. It continued to worsen and I eventually was on the strongest class of inhalers daily. I was very concerned about being on inhalers because it was affecting other things such as blood pressure, tachycardia, etc. The inhalers were also losing their effectiveness and I searched to find an alternative. Within the first week of beginning the Buteyko breathing exercises I was completely off the strongest inhaler and by the third week was completely off all inhalers. I have not had to use my emergency inhaler since beginning the exercises, almost three months ago. I am very pleased with the results and know my health is improving daily. I am not using any medication to control my asthma, only the Buteyko breathing exercises. I would also suggest the Buteyko in Motion, the course for athletes and people with exercise-induced asthma. This really helped me to learn how to breathe while exercising and eliminated breathing issues after exercise. I am truly grateful to Thomas and Sasha for their continued support and dedication to teaching the Buteyko method.

Lori Booth, Louisiana


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