Reduce Stress, Anxiety, Breathing Difficulties With Relaxation

Sasha Yakovleva, a Buteyko practitioner teaches the Buteyko Method online in 2009.

Relaxation Is An Essential Part Of Buteyko Breathing

Relaxation is an essential part of the Buteyko Breathing Normalization Method. When the diaphragm is relaxed our breathing becomes automatically reduced.

It’s important to do a few minutes of relaxation exercises before doing formal breathing exercises. It’s also helpful to do relaxation sessions even without breathing exercises.

Measure your Control Pause to evaluate your breathing

We recommended that you measure your control pause before and after every relaxation session. You will see that if you are able to relax your control pause will get higher. This means that your breathing will get naturally shallower, gentler and more reduced.

Some people have their own favorite relaxation techniques. If you have one, measure your control pause before and after; if it increases your control pause then this is wonderful and you can continue to use this technique. However, for people that over breathe, especially those with breathing difficulties, it’s best to use a particular type of relaxation that relaxes your body in a certain order. Starting with your forehead relax your facial muscles first then your neck, your shoulders, your chest, and then the area of your diaphragm.

Relaxation For Those With Breathing Difficulties

This video will guide you through the first relaxation exercise from our relax your breathing 4 track download. You could use this technique or you could use your own. If you choose to use your own make sure that it increases your control pause; it’s also preferable that you would relax your body in the order previously stated.

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