Physical Exercises Can Worsen Breathing Or Improve It

First, Learn How To Breathe. – Joseph Pilates

Breathing More Does Not Mean To Breathe Better. – Kirk Smith. In this video, Kirk Smith, Sasha‘s student who is about to be certified as a Buteyko practitioner, talks about the importance of correct breathing. 

Athletes often are not able to achieve desirable results due to limitations imposed by their breathing. Their muscles and bones are not a problem but breathing is. Runners cannot increase their pace because they run out of air. Bikers cannot claim a high hill because their respiration is too high.

There is no difference when it comes to a non-athlete population. A person runs upstairs and has to gasp for air like a fish out of water. In the morning, a woman rushes to her office and ends up having tension in her chest throughout the whole day.

Why do these things happen?

This happens because most people don’t know how to use their breathing properly during physical activities. As a result, physical endurance often becomes a reason for the deterioration of the function of the respiratory system instead of improving it. Adults and children become locked in a situation when more physical exercises create only more breathing trouble. People who have exercise-induced asthma are very familiar with this phenomenon. It is extremely important for fitness and yoga instructors, athletes as well as everybody else to learn how to use Breathing Normalization while being in motion. In this case, physical activities will act as breathing exercises, always improving your breathing. Then, your respiration will stop being a limiting factor for your physical endurance.

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