Look In the Mirror (Buteyko Breathing Exercise)

Put a chair in front of a big mirror, uncover the upper part of your body and sit down. If you don’t have a big mirror, just imagine that you are in front of one.

Familiarize yourself with your breathing by observing your body movements. Ask yourself the following questions:

Is my chest moving when I breathe? Are my shoulders rising to support my breathing? Is my stomach involved in the process of breathing?

A healthy person breathes as if he isn’t breathing at all. Breathing does not need to be supported by movements. If your shoulders or chest are moving, try to keep them still or reduce the motion. If you do, your diaphragm will become more engaged in the process of breathing, which is healthier.

Now, look at your stomach. Is it still or in motion? Since your diaphragm moves, the upper part of the stomach moves but only a little. This movement should not be obvious and your stomach should appear motionless.

Next, put one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. Continue breathing gently – your hands should not move.

Remember: healthy breathing is invisible… and there is no health without healthy breathing!

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