Hard To Breathe In Hot Weather?

Watch this video with Sasha Yakovleva to learn how to maintain healthy breathing in hot weather.

Do you experience difficulty breathing in hot weather? For many people, especially those with asthma, breathing when it’s hot is challenging. When heat is combined with humidity, breathing can become close to impossible.

In addition, hot temperatures trigger over-breathing, forcing people to breathe heavily through their mouths. This can start a domino effect: hyperventilation lowers CO2 levels in the lungs (our vital energy), triggers various symptoms (not only breathing difficulties), and worsens our health. Is it possible to overcome this detrimental effect of extreme heat?

Yes! Applying the principles of the Buteyko Method and Russian Tempering can strengthen your breathing and protect and improve your health. You can train yourself to stay unaffected by extreme temperatures, whether hot or cold. In this video, you will learn practical tips on breathing at ease when sweating from the heat.



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