Inhale and Exhale in 2019

What can be expected in 2019? And how should we breathe throughout it? In this video, Barbara Goldsmith who has been diligently practicing the Buteyko method answers both questions.

Barbara is a popular astrologist who has more than one hundred sixty thousand subscribers to her YouTube channel. I found many of her forecasts accurate; more importantly, they help to open your heart, expand your consciousness and feel like a member of one global family. Dr. Buteyko‘s discoveries demonstrated that fear-based concepts (such as we often hear from Donald Trump), impact people’s breathing negatively lowering their levels of CO2 and increasing their stress levels. I appreciate Barbara’s abilities to turn a potentially difficult, maybe even dramatic, situation into an opportunity to improve ourselves, our communities, and our planet. This type of thinking supports balance and health.

When you watch Barbara’s video, please notice her respiration: she is able to maintain perfect nasal breathing while talking and carrying on her lively presentation. The way we breathe and talk affects others. Gentle breathing through the nose is conducive to harmony and calmness. On the opposite side of the spectrum, mouth breathing (unfortunately, Donald Trump is known for it) makes everything more dramatic, emotionally charged and crisis-like.

I hope in 2019 all of us will have a chance to improve our breathing patterns and become less impulsive, more compassionate and levelheaded. Breathe Peace!

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