Dr. Steinberg About Dr. Buteyko’s Second Discovery

Interview with Dr. Jesse Steinberg about Chroniosepsis

Dr. Jesse Steinberg, Chiropractor, and Advanced Buteyko Breathing Specialist talks about Dr. Buteyko’s 2nd discovery – Chroniosepsis. Jesse shares critical information that may play a role in why you aren’t progressing on your healing journey or in some cases may feel worse!

Have you increased your level of carbon dioxide drastically but in some ways it worsened your health? Have you been applying the Buteyko Method diligently, yet your Positive Maximum Pause is still below 60 seconds? Or are you a health practitioner who is puzzled by the question of why holistic modalities sometimes weaken people’s health? Watch this video to learn about Dr. Buteyko’s second discovery that can help everyone!

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