Does Talking Make You Feel Tired?

Learn How To Breathe Correctly While Speaking

When people talk, they typically inhale excessively through their mouths. This deep breathing stimulates the loss of vital carbon dioxide and worsens symptoms of various health disorders. Many professional educators or actors suffer from breathing difficulties. This problem can be corrected if they learn how to modify their breathing during work hours. If you talk for a living this could be a lifesaver, eliminating a choice between ‘keeping your job’ and ‘being healthy’.

While talking, people usually inhale through their mouths and generate words on exhalation. The second part does not need to be changed but the first requires modification. Here’s how you do it. Gently inhale through your nose, and then speak on exhalation. When you are almost out of the air, pause, gently inhale through your nose and then continue. In theory, this sounds simple: start inhaling through your nose instead of your mouth. In reality, this is one of the most challenging tasks which often requires the help of a Buteyko Breathing Method specialist.

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