What Is Your Buteyko Asthma Story?

A friend of mine was waiting for his surgery. When a doctor appeared in the room, he introduced himself: “Caucasian, male, 56 years old…”

This was my friend’s way to deal with the impersonal approach of traditional medicine.

With Buteyko’s Buteyko Breathing Method it’s totally different: it is always an individual and the story of his life…


VictoriaVictoria, a young, attractive actress…What do you think she was doing at night? Coughing, wheezing and then coughing again. She thought that this was going to be her reality for the rest of her life, but now everything has completely changed. Not only her health but her whole life! Today she is generously sharing her story with us. Enjoy listening to a person who made herself HAPPY! George pictureGeorge,19 years old… He wanted to pursue his passion in life – playing the saxophone. The problem was that the instrument would trigger a suffocation attack. What are you supposed to do? Change your life plan? Let your dream go? Instead he decided to find a solution to his “incurable” issue. Now, he is playing the saxophone and pursuing a new dream – teaching people to become HEALTHY.
Mike GMichael, when he came to the Breathing Center, his Positive Maximum Pause was almost zero. You know what that means, right? That by Buteyko’s health evaluation, he was very close to passing away: his breathing trouble was severe. Now, he says: “I have gone from 45 years plus on every medicine in the book to asthma and drug-FREE.” Michael’s Positive Maximum Pause is now above 60 seconds, which means he is finally healthy. Tom J.Tom, Master of American Karate… He studied texts on our website, including an article about radiation, and took our Buteyko Breathing Method course. He says: “…I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and I had to undergo 40 sessions of radiation treatment. As I lay on the table being shot with about 60 doses of radiation per session, I patiently used the breathing exercises to allow me to calm my body as I underwent the chemotherapy…” The Buteyko Method not only helped his seriously damaged lungs but also improved the functions of his immune and nervous systems. We sincerely HOPE that Tom will get completely WELL.

These are just a few stories of our recent clients. Click on their names to see their video or written testimonials.

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