Buteyko Method Was my Last Resort for Cystic Fibrosis. Thank God! *

This young woman was severely ill with cystic fibrosis and other health problems, also depressed and hopeless, when her mother booked a consultation with Sasha Yakovleva, Advanced Buteyko Specialist. Is there any effective treatment for cystic fibrosis and scarred lungs? Her mother kept searching for a solution to help her daughter who was in a wheelchair and had no energy.

At that time, this young woman was already working with another Buteyko practitioner who was not properly certified. “The Buteyko method” as it was presented to her was worsening her health and she thought that Buteyko Breathing could not help. Sasha introduced the authentic Buteyko techniques to her and slowly and carefully guided her through her healing journey, which was not easy. Finally, she stopped coughing and was able to exercise. After her health improved significantly, Sasha helped her to become a super-woman. Now, this beautiful and strong young woman from Canada practices Russian Tempering – she takes cold showers, jogs outside regardless of the weather, walks barefoot, even on snow, and does not experience respiratory issues. Her energy level as well as her overall health improved remarkably. Watch this video as she shares her story along with video footage of her practicing Nature Tempering.

Buteyko Breathing became her last resort, the effective treatment for cystic fibrosis and other health issues she experienced. She continues improving her health and hopefully, one-day cystic fibrosis will be not a part of her life anymore. Until then, it is very helpful to feel strong to prevent cystic fibrosis symptoms and be able to exercise, work and enjoy life.


This is a true testimonial of a Breathing Center’s client; however, the results of application of the Buteyko Breathing Normalization method may vary from person to person. We cannot guarantee identical results to everyone who contacts the Breathing Center. Also, please keep in mind that our services are educational, not medical. Buteyko Breathing Normalization Specialists are teachers and trainers, not medical doctors.

Breathing Center’s Staff