Over-Breathing is Epidemic

Breathing patterns are the product of our lifestyle. When the lifestyle becomes unnatural, breathing patterns change. As a result, most modern people over-breathe. Hyperventilation becomes a major risk factor for asthma and any breathing difficulty, anxiety, enlarged adenoids, polyps, allergies, hypertension, heart diseases, chronic fatigue, and many other health issues.

This discovery was made sixty years ago by a renowned Russian scientist K.P. Buteyko M.D. He realized that breathing affects health more than eating and drinking. Why? Without food, we can survive for weeks, without water – for days, without air – only a few minutes. Air is as powerful as nuclear energy; capable of destroying or restoring health very quickly. Dr. Buteyko said that everyone who over-breathes creates Chernobyl in their own body. Learning how to breathe less reestablishes the natural balance in the body, which is called ‘health’.

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