Meditate Non-Stop Without Meditating

Breathe Like You Are Meditating

Just a short time ago the connection between meditation and health seemed a mystery but now many people are aware that meditation can restore health and reduce stress. Nevertheless, only a few understand the main mechanism behind this phenomenon.

During meditation, breathing becomes shallower and even stops for short periods of time. This upsurges the level of carbon dioxide in the lungs increasing oxygen delivery by hemoglobin to all organs, making them function more efficiently. This could only be good!

The bad news is that this effect ends the moment a meditator leaves a cushion and switches to their habitual breathing, which, in most cases, is deep and frequent. This type of respiration does not support rich oxygenation or healthy metabolism: in fact, it facilitates aging and health deterioration.

Can you imagine how beneficial it would be if a person would maintain their meditation-like breathing not just for 30 minutes every morning but all the time? Guess what? Buteyko Breathing Method specialists teach their students to do this! As a result of the training, breathing patterns become gentle 24/7 – when people talk, sleep, walk, ski, swim, etc. Shallow breathing magnifies all health benefits created by meditation, taming illnesses, increasing overall energy, improving moods, etc.

Some people assume that the Buteyko Breathing Method is only for asthmatics, or for children with enlarged adenoids – in short, for those who are ill. This is a common misconception. The Buteyko Breathing Method is for anyone who’d like to achieve their full human potential on the level of body, mind, and spirit.

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